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GymGoal for iPhone

GymGoal for iPhone is a native iPhone application (more info and support)

This site hosts - a web application, hosted in the Internet and accessed through a web browser.

Interactive training programs

Customized workouts match your level.
Interactive program adjusts to your results.
Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions show proper form.
Smart program analyzes your results and advices you how to improve them.

Organize your nutrition

Calculate your nutrition goals.
Ad your foods and recipes to Gymgoal's 6,700+ foods library.
Use logs and charts to examine your progress.

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Are you into fitness, bodybuilding,
weightlifting or sports?

This site is for you,
and it's free!

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Schedule your workouts

Schedule your strength and cardio workouts.
Use one of our ready-to-use customizable workouts or enter your current routine.
Enter once - Access anywhere.

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Log your workouts and measurements

View your log for any day in the past.
GymGoal calculates your potential and your body fat percent from your measurements.
Use charts to examine your progress.

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Muscle Tip of the Day

If you are serious about gaining muscle mass, you must eat quality foods at regular intervals through out the day. If your diet sucks, you're taking all the hard work you did in the gym, and flushing it right down the toilet! Eat 5-6 small well balanced meals spaced approximately 2-3 hours apart, and drink between 80-120 oz. of pure water each day. Don't forget to take a multivitamin with your breakfast each morning! It's the best way to start every day.

Fit Tip of the Day

Pedal Your Way To Better Fitness
Biking is a great exercise for aerobic fitness, either on a stationary bike or on an outside bike, as long as you keep up a sustained pace. The most important thing to remember after protecting your head with a helmet outdoors is to protect your knees. Your knees should be only minimally bent at the bottom of each pedal revolution. So adjust the seat accordingly. A larger seat can be traded for a narrow seat which can be uncomfortable and keep the seat level, not tilting down or up. Down-tilted seats strain the arms and up-tilted seats press against delicate genital area. Your foot should be parallel to the ground when your leg is fully extended towards the ground. Your thigh should remain no higher than horizontal to the ground. This applies to both stationary and mobile bikes.

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